GMS has been working with the government of Colombia since December 2017 to implement our Sacha Inchi project as the top project in Colombia for crop substitution. We meet with Selma Coronado the assistant of the PNIS (Progama Nacional Integral de Subtitucion de ilicitos) to submit a proposal in December 2017, but because there was a new government coming into power we had to wait till the elections were over and till the new government made a decision on how this program was going to run.

On August 17, 2018 we got our first oficial respond on how many families are in the program and what is the oficial status of the program. 




On January 18, 2018 we meet with division of Renovacion del Territorio. This division will take over the PNIS program. During this meeting we discuss  how we can make our Sacha Inchi program the top national program in Colombia for crop substitution. The complete project is due end of February 2019.

Presidente Ivan Duque starts fulfilling its commitment to FEVCOL.

GMS works with FEVCOL to bring the Sacha Inchi project to victims