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  • Kate Bahnsen

We welcome 2021

2020 has been long, almost as if it were a decade packed into one year. Which does make sense in some parts considering it's the start of a new decade. It's almost unbelievable to think of how much has changed in 10 years. Our company didn't even exist in 2010 and look where we are now. 2020 has been full of strife and pain, but for some, it has also included blessings. Maybe some had new life brought into theirs and by that I mean a puppy, while others moved into their dream home or got married. But unfortunately many also lost their loved ones or they lost their jobs and homes. It wouldn't be right to write of happiness this year without an acknowledgment of the pain that happened this year too. So, here's to 2020. The good and the bad, the happiness and the pain. To the hope of a new year, we are excited to meet you, 2021!

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