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  • Kate Bahnsen

Results of meeting in Bogota on July 5,2019

Kate meet with Carlos Caicedo the right man of Emilio Jose Archilla consejero de estabilizacion y conciliation on July 3 2019 at the Palacio de Narino the house of President Ivan Duque. In the meeting we had the full support of the Armada with Coronel de I.M. Nulver Jose Galvis Leguizamon, Coronel Ronal Ramos y Cadete Cesar Zapata. The result of the meeting was:

1 The PNIS will provide GMS how many farmers will start growing Sacha Inchi

2 Our project is the most complete project that has been presented

3 as soon the PNIS provide us with the amount of farmers that want to grow Sacha Inchi we will get a complete road map on how to implement GMS Sacha inchi project in Colombia

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