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  • Kate Bahnsen

Happy New year 2020

So, let’s face it. 2019 seems to have lasted years instead of 365 days. Many things happened this year that we didn’t dare dream of happening for a few more years. For example, being able to meet President Duque and give him our product to try. That was a big dream of ours, along with getting a bigger company like Nestle interested in our products. We’re excited about our goals for 2020 and a new decade, but first, we have to thank all of you for this amazing year and decade.

One of the things that has kept us going throughout the year has been our goal to help improve lives and our goal of helping Colombia continue improving, along with your support. We’ve had many moments of both positive and negative criticism and we’ve accepted it all. It has helped us to grow and improve, to 2020 and many more amazing years for Rainforest Treat!

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