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  • Kate Bahnsen

GMS receives the proposal from Interactuar to start working with Sacha Inchi farmers

GMS has been working with Interactuar to create a model for farmers that will have good farming practices with certification like Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, fair trade and other certification.

We have received to proposal of Interactuar which is posted on our website. We are committed not only to bring a good product to the market but to help farmers to become an industrial business farmer with all the technology to success and to improve the quality of live all the Sacha Inchi farmers and their families. The pilot will start with 30 farmers in Antioquia.

About Interactuar

For over 30 years great partners across the world have put their trust in Interactuar to develop high-impact projects that improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable communities in our country, through generating opportunities to create or consolidate productive units. Interactuar designs and executes projects based on our methodology of intervention, to accomplish our corporate mission of enabling the progress of microenterprises in our country

Choosing Interactuar as a partner in the implementation of joint projects brings great benefits:

  • Over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of cooperation projects

  • An owned methodology, proven in the intervention to the microbusinesses accompanied by financial and business development servicesAn infrastructure that allows the development of activities related to financial and business development services

  • Suitable, committed and with a high social sense staff, always aware of the impact of their workTransparency. Interactuar has the support and recognition of microfinance associations at a national (Asomicrofinanzas) and international level (Mix MARKET)

  • Positioning. Interactuar has developed projects in partnership with known institutions such as:

  • International Development Bank BID/FOMIN

  • ACTEC Foundation - Belgium

  • Diputación Foral de Bizkaia – Spain

  • Inter – American Foundation IAF – United States

  • The Resource Foundation – United States

  • Pfizer Foundation – United States

  • Give to Colombia - United States

  • Mainel – Spain

  • PRO.DO.C.S – Italy

  • Programa MIDAS – United States

  • Comunidad Valenciana – Spain

  • FEVES - Spain

  • Limmat Stiftung Foundation –Switzerland


  • MISEREOR - Germany

  • CODESPA – Spain

  • Solidaridad Internacional – Spain

  • Manos Unidas – Spain

  • Others

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