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  • Kate Bahnsen

Sacha Inchi oil is used as one of the ingredient to disolved oil spills

Grupo Empresarial Solanco a huilense company dedicated to recover and restore water sources and oil - contaminated soils , was selected as the best enterprise of Colombia in the World Cup Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship World Cup EWC), organized this year by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, through iNNpulsa. The twin sisters Tatiana and Natalia Solano , an industrial engineer and the other biologist and chemist, created this venture to save the country's ecosystems affected by oil spills. For this, they designed a product called Godoil, or "the oil of God," as they call it, composed of plant extracts and nanocarbons, which has the ability to degrade oil and rapidly decontaminate areas affected by the substance.

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