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  • Kate Bahnsen

Grupo Exito starts negotiation with GMS and Inca to make its own Brand of Sacha Inchi

After the business match in Bogota by Propais Kate was able to contact el Grupo Éxito and started negotiating with the private label department. We expect to be able to work with el Grupo Exito to make Sacha Inchi with their brand and to sell our Sacha Inchi product in the 2,606 stores of Almacenes Exito in 4 different countries: Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Revenue for just the the thirth quarter 2018 was USD$37,309,338.31

About Grupo Éxito Grupo Éxito also is known as Almacenes Éxito S.A. is the largest South American retail company. It operates 2,606 stores in South America. The stores sell a wide range of food and nonfood products. Though originally a textiles maker and seller (under such brand names as Arkitect, People, Bronzini, Pop Rose) recent acquisitions (mostly within the last 10–20 years) have further diversified the business making it a major grocer (under brand names like surtimax and carulla sales of food products make up about 70-75% of revenue). At its hypermarkets (the largest of which is the Éxito chain) it sells both packaged foods and perishables in addition to department store type products ranging from electronics to furniture.

Grupo Exito is listed in the Bogota Stock Exchange

Revenue for just the the third quarter 2018 was COL $119,000,000,000 or USD $37,309,338.31 four times more than in 2017

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