• Kate Bahnsen

Inca Worldwide and GMS submit the final proposal to the PNIS program

Inca Worldwide and GMS meet with the PNIS program (programa nacional integral de subtitucion de illictos) on June 13 in Bogota. This program has over 99,000 families under contract with the PNIS to do voluntary crop substitution. The program is part of the Fondo de la Paz who received funds from the United Nations and other nations to help Colombia to eradicate illegal crops in Colombia. In the meeting, we had Mercado y Bolsa and Armada National de Colombia supporting our Sacha Inchi project. The PNIS asked GMS and Inca Worldwide to submit a complete proposal to put our Sacha Inchi project as the top crop substitution solutions in Colombia. This complete proposal was submitted on Friday, June 21, 2019. The complete proposal has been posted on the website of Inca

Link to PNIS

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