• Kate Bahnsen

Results of meeting with the PNIS program

On Thursday we meet with the new technical director of the PNIS (Programa Nacional integral de subtitucion de illicitos), Mercado y Bolsa, Armada Nacional de Colombia and the director of business of presidencia. During that meeting, we discuss how the program of GMS can be the main program for the PNIS who has over 99,000 families enroll. What does this mean for GMS and Inca Worldwide? To bring our program to a good portion of the 99,000 families will provide GMS and Inca Worldwide the biggest amount of farmers in the world growing Sacha Inchi under contract. GMS and Inca Worldwide will be able to produce Sacha Inchi snacks, Milk, powder Herbal tea and pet food made from Sacha Inchi. Colombia will have the biggest production of Sacha Inchi in the World and GMS and Inca Worldwide will have that contract.

link to the PNIS program

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