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Meeting with PNIS on Thursday

Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) is meeting with the program of PNIS (Programa nacional integral de substitution de cultivos) The crop substitution program has been reevaluated and now is being managed by the office of Renovación del Territorio. Renovación del Territorio in cooperation with Prosperidad Social and the government of Colombia has invited Inca Worldwide and GMS to discuss the crop substitution program. In this meeting, we will have Mercado y Bolsa, La Bolsa de Valores de Bogota, la Armada and Accelearate Colombia. This program has over 99.097 families under contract and GMS and Inca Worldwide will work together to bring these contracts to the stock exchange. This will give the opportunity to convert these contracts into an asset and generate income for the PNIS program.

The government of Colombia will also work with GMS and Inca Worldwide to get other contracts with the USA government, the United Nations, and many embassies like the South Korea embassy to obtain a contract to purchase Sacha Inchi and other products grown by the farmers that are under contract.

GMS and Inca Worldwide has already an INVIMA licenses to sell Sacha Inchi snacks and powder in Colombia and to export Worldwide.

Drycol has finished the Sacha Inchi tea and is working with GMS to process the first batch of Sacha Inchi tea.

Evok the virtual store of el groupo Nutresa has approved the products of GMS and is working on the first order of Sacha Inchi snacks and Sacha Inchi tea made by Drycol.

The brand Tosh from el groupo Nutresa is reviewing the products this month and make the first order.

Ingredion SAS is working on to provide GMS and INCA Worldwide with a letter of interest to purchase Sacha Inchi powder.

Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) has already a contract to sell Sacha Inchi to 60 stores with Daymon.

Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) has signed with Amazon to sell online Sacha Inchi int he next. 60 to 90 days.

About Nutresa, Tosh, and Evok

About Drycol

About the Colombia government meetings:

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