• Kate Bahnsen

The crop substitution program directed by Renovación del Territorio, Prosperidad Social and the gove

The crop substitution program has been reevaluated and now is being managed by the office of Renovación del Territorio. Renovación del Territorio in cooperation with Prosperidad Social and the government of Colombia has invited Inca Worldwide and GMS to discuss the crop substitution program. This program has over 99.097 families under contract and the program has not been able to pay the farmers over 89,796 has only received partial payments and over 41,910 have not received any payments. There are more Coca Leaves hectares planted now than when the PNIS program started. Inca Worldwide and GMS have already provided a possible solution to this program and how to promote voluntary crop substitution in Colombia not only using Sacha Inchi but other crops and how to finance this program. The June 13, 2019 meeting will be to discuss these solutions and to work together with the government and the crop substitution program. To learn more about the Colombia government program:

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