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  • Kate Bahnsen

GEGI announces it has entered in the CBD Oil Industry in Colombia and the USA

Colombia has the potential of becoming the fifth largest producer in the world for cannabis. The cost of production of cannabis in Colombia is $0.05 cents per gram compared to $1.5 USD per gram in Canada.

Five different Canadian Companies have already set up shop in Colombia

GMS is already working with local farmers that are growing Marijuana and we are helping them to comply with all the new regulations. GMS is already working with a company that has applied for the license to produce and export CBD oil and we will build a processing facility for CBD in Colombia.

GEGI will be expanding its management team to include US experts in the Cannabis industry that can quickly bring to market CBD products in the US while we develop the infrastructure in Colombia as well.

GEGI will also be taking the mining company private to fully focus on CBD operations. Further updates are expected soon

Companies that enter the CBD business in Colombia

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