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  • Kate Bahnsen

CEO of QEDN and CFO of GEGI filed an Order at St. John Circuit Court fining Lattucca $1,659,000 and

Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) and Cacique Mining (GEGI) filed a motion and an order with the St. John Circuit Court in Florida to fine Michael Lattucca $1,659,000 and Lisa Purdon $531,600 for using the name of St. John Court to shorten the stocks of QEDN and GEGI. We will also ask the courts to subpoena Ihub records to provide the computer Id which will provide us with the address of all false and negative posting on QEDN and GEGI in the last 5 years and asked the courts to impose a fine to all those individuals. Copies of the filing are posted on the main page of the website.

Dear Shareholders fo GEGI and QEDNPlease email a similar letter to The Honorable R. T Smith at tdavis@circuit7.orgexplaining how the posting of Lattucca and Lisa Purdon using the name of the St. John court have shortened the stocks making money from using the St. John court name and hurting shareholders. They should be fined $10,000 per posting when they used the name of St. John court or Florida court or any reference to the case CA 2010-1547 filed at the 7 circuits of St. John court.

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