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  • Kate Bahnsen

First shipping to Drycol of Sacha Inchi husk for infusion tea for Evok the retail stores of Nutresa

Drycol SAS finished the test on our Sacha Inchi infusion (herbal teas) for Nutresa. We have shipped the first order of herbal tea to Drycol who will packet into bags and add dried fruits to be sold under the Evok brand. We expect this will be the start of a great business relationship with Drycol and Nutresa. About Drycol SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to the production of Freeze-dried and Dehydrated foods by hot air and Spray Dry (atomization). Our plant is located in Mosquera Cundinamarca - Colombia, with the capacity to withdraw 50 tons of water per month, employing on average 60 people who are mostly head of the family. We are committed to quality, we are responsible with the environment and our social environment.

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