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  • Kate Bahnsen

Shareholders ask Judge Honorable R. T Smith to fine Lattucca, Lisa Purdon and Brad Hughes for profit

Dear Shareholders fo GEGI and QEDN

Please email a similar letter to The Honorable R. T Smith at

explaining how the posting of Lattucca and Lisa Purdon using the name of the St. John court have shortened the stocks making money from using the St. John court name and hurting shareholders. They should be fined $10,000 per posting when they used the name of St. John court or florida court or any reference to the case CA 2010-1547 filed at the 7 circuit of St. John court.

The Honorable R. T Smith

Dear Your Honor:

Mr. Brad Hughes has filed an ex parte motion to dissolve two foreign companies. One is a Nevada company and one of a New York company. Florida courts have no jurisdiction in foreign companies. Then Mr. Michael Lattucca posted this on Ihub:

https://investorshub.advfnThe Honorable R. T

Greed Kills

Tuesday, 04/23/19 12:40:28 PM

Re: Willy post# 67122

Post # of 67132

Looks like she is letting QEDN and GEGI die. She isn

Looks like she is letting QEDN and GEGI die. She isn't even opposing the Order dissolving GEGI and QEDN that Lattuca submitted to the Court.

Unopposed Order Dissolving GEGI Submitted to Court

The Documents Lattuca filed are available for viewing by the public. The document is titled "Notice of Filing Request for Entry of Ex-Parte Order". Essentially, the Documents attach two prior Court Orders. One prohibit Kate from filing anything without an attorney. The other states the Judge will enter orders without a hearing if there is no objection from GEGI or QEDN. The order allowing a motion to be granted without a hearing provides a process in which Lattuca's attorney submits a proposed order to GEGI and QEDN and if 15 days go by without an objection Lattuca then submits the Order to the Judge as unopposed.

Lattuca filed a Motion in January in which he asked the Court to dissolve GEGI and QEDN. The filing from April 18, 2019 says in part:


Pursuant to the Court's Order, Lattuca sent an e-mail to QEDN and GEGI on March 25, 2019 providing them with a copy of a proposed Order granting Plaintiff's most recent Motion for Sanctions, dated January 17, 2019, and requesting that they inform the undersigned counsel as to whether they object to entry of the proposed Order...More than fifteen calendar days have passed since the proposed Order was provided to QEDN and GEGI for review and no objection has been raised.

the proposed order is attached to the filing and states, in part:


Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. and QED Connect, Inc. are hereby judicially dissolved

Kate apparently has no objection to GEGI or QEDN being dissolved and has decided not to hire an attorney to fight Lattuca's request to dissolve both GEGI and QEDN.

enter the captcha and then search under Genesis Electronics Group or Purdon

It is dockent number 820 filed on April 18, 2019

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The purpose of this posting in Ihub a public website for investors is that the investors will panic today and sell. This is a federal crime.

Mr. Michael Lattucca, Lisa Purdon and Brad Hughes have been doing type of posting for over 5 years using the name of this court and the two companies for personal gain.

I am in Medellin Colombia and I request 45 days extension to have enough time to file a response on this motion especially an ex parte order, to show the economic damage it has caused this type of posting to the companies and to file a motion to fine Michael Lattucca, Lisa Purdon $10,000 per posting on Ihub when ever they have used the name of St. John. Court to shorten the stock for personal gain and $10,000 fine to Mr. Brad Hughes for lying to this court saying we have not comply with requests to provide documents when all the documents are posted on the OTC website and for not making myself available for deposing. I have told Mr. Brad Hughs I live and work in Colombia and I can be depose in Colombia. He has lied to the courts saying I ma not making myself available. I have given him dates when I can be deposed and he filed motions full with lies stating I am not available.

I will be filing this documents with the clerk as soon as possible

Thank you

Nanny Katharina Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide (QED Connect) and CFO Cacique Mining (Genesis Electronics Group)

Medellin April 24, 2019

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