• Kate Bahnsen

Great success at the business match in Bogota

The CEO of Inca Worldwide and GMS participated in the Business match forum in Bogota. The event had over 3,000 companies meeting to discuss business in areas of Food, Metalworking, Chemicals, Industry and Fashion. The highlight of the meetings are: 1- PRIME FOODS S.A.S. (Exportador) - Colombia they export 1 container of quinoa a month and wants to start with 1 pallet of Sacha Inchi a month initially but expect to have 1 container per month of Sacha Inchi before the end of the year. Quote for the pallets should be ready this week. 2- INDEKAF SA DE CV Mexico. Marketer - Producer MANUFACTURE OF ICE CREAMS, BASES FOR ICE CREAM, NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF MILK POWDER AND ENTIRE POWDER WITH WIDE RANGE OF CHEMICALS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY. WWW.INDEKAF.COM They ask for a quote of one pallet of Sacha Inchi powder to add to their current line of protein products. 3- Importador Elemento Foods an established food importer, distributor and retailer of global food and beverages into the Australia and Asia Pacific region. They are interested in importing Sacha Inchi and in the Sacha Inchi milk. Quote for a pallet will be ready this week. 4- Cheekyfoods imported products into Australia. Natural, healthy products - super foods They ask for a quote of a pallet to add to the next container of food ship to Australia. 5- CI NEXTRADING LTDA Colombian- South Korean company looking to export Sacha Inchi to South Koera. South Korea is the biggest buyer of Sacha Inchi in the world at the moment. Peru was the biggest exporter but South Korea band Peru from exporting any Sacha Inchi because of Staphylococcus bacteria. This opens the door for Inca Worldwide and GMS to enter into this market. We are the only company worldwide to discover how to make Sacha Inchi snacks, powder and milk without any problems with bacteria.

6- CPG brand management is a collective team of industry experts that deliver integrated solutions from brand sales to local and global brands. As a new brand on the verge of entering the Canadian market, CPG brand management offers marketing solutions that include logistics, sales, and marketing resources to build your brand respecting your vision of brands. They want to help Inca Worldwide/GMS to bring our own brands to the market: SachaInchi, Sacha Powder, Sacha Milk, and Wulff Products a complete line of pet products make with Sacha Inchi.

All the buyers were very impressed with the taste of our SaInchi snacks and SachaPowder.

Our biggest success was our Sacha Inchi Milk all of buyers want to be the first one to have Sacha Inchi Milk. We expect to have this product in the market mid-June.

We are also the only company that has develop Sacha Inchi Milk.

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