• Kate Bahnsen

No personal expenses where charge by the CEO on any bank accounts another trick from lattucca to man

All $119,000 on the bank accounts of Inca worldwide are business expense Lattucca wrote: Plane tickets to Iceland and veterinarian expenses for her dog are just a few of the personal expenses.

Kate has never been in island

Inca worldwide adopted two cats that their main diet is Sacha Inchi. For the last 3 years we took them from Reno to Colombia. We needed to test Sacha Inchi on pets before offering Sacha Inchi to other pets owners.  Lattucca wrote So what did Kate spend the money she received from GPL Ventures on? May 17, 2017 $1,000 to Sarah Bahnsen 

Sarah manage the pet line and work as a board of directors and in Inca worldwide and she has never had a salary in 3 yeras  May 17, 2017 $1,000 to Cacique Mining 

Qedn loan money to gegi to pay otc, Nevada, transfer agent May 17, 2017 $3,000 to Katharina Bahnsen 

Kate has never had a salary for 6 years May 17, 2017 $10,000 to Green Mine Solutions 

To get the two invima license rent on Factory, employees buy product develop five different products May 18, 2017 $473.93 to Google Project

Is the international phone plan from Google plixel phone long distance phone calls from Colombia to the USA May 19, 2017 $95.36 EasyFly Bogota

The project is in Colombia and the CEO need to travel in Colombia May 19, 2017 $121.80 Clinica Odontologica 

IRS allows medical and dental business expense  especially if the CEO does not get a salary May 19, 2017 $692.44 ATM Withdraw

Salary for the CEO who has not hat one for 6 years is less than minimum wage in any country in the world May 23, 2017 $138.28 Easy Fly Bogota CEO need to travel in Colombia Six Different Flight Purchases from Avianca between May 25 and May 31 Avianca is the Colombian airline in Colombia ceo need to travel in Colombia Deposit of $30,000 from GPL Ventures on June 1, 2017 Debits June 2, 2017 $10,000 to Green Mine Solutions

To pay for employees rent for factory buy sacha Inchi bags pay local cell bill June 7, 2017 $359.99 Wow Air Reyjavik Iceland 

 Headquarters of wow website. who offer hotels . Hotels for the show in Las Vegas CEO was a guess speaker at the natural show.

CEO has never been in Iceland $359.99 will not buy a to let  June 12, 2017 $177.78 Excalibur Show Tickets Las Vegas entretaiment of antinio Lopez who signed in over 1,000 farmers June 13, 2017 $75.00 Slotzilla Las Vegas 

Entretaiment for antionio lopez June 13, 2017 $100.00 ATM Withdraw Las Vegas

CEO needed cash during the Las Vegas show she was a guess speaker at the show   June 13, 2017 $100.00 ATM Withdraw Las Vegas CEO was a guess speaker at the big natural show CEO needed  cash for taxis

All expenses here are business expense no personal expsnse. Lattucca and Lisa purdon continue trying to manipulate the stocks of both companies.

This is illegal and a felony

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