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  • Kate Bahnsen

Crisis in Venezuela

Most of us have watched how the crisis in Venezuela has created a huge amount of victims. Venezuela is a very beautiful country that needs our support and we believe that after Maduro finally leaves power, the country can go back to a democracy. We had one worker from Venezuela last year. He used to be amazed by how many fruits and vegetables we grow in Colombia. Colombia has been growing food for Venezuela for many years but after Maduro took power the payments for farmers stop coming and Colombian farmers stop selling their products to Venezuela. This is one of the reasons there is a crisis in Venezuela. Venezuela doesn't grow its own food, they buy it from other countries like Colombia. Today Mike Pence the vice president of the USA and other leaders are meeting in Bogota to try to find a solution to this crisis. Military intervention is very possible but we hope they can find another way. Venezuela has the biggest oil reserve in the word but over 90% of the people live in poverty and many go hungry every day. South America has the second biggest oil reserve after the middle east. Colombia is the fourth oil producer in South America but has the second biggest biodiversity in the world. Colombia has and will continue to grow food as one of the main industries. Sacha Inchi will become the flag of Colombia agriculture industries. This is a very good example of how democracy and dictatorship can change the future of two countries.

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