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The Rural Development Agency (ADR) participated in a discussion of the PAQARY Seminar "Industri

The Rural Development Agency (ADR) participated in a discussion of the PAQARY Seminar "Industrialized and Commercializing the Sacha Inchi".

Bogotá, February 15, 2019. The president of the Rural Development Agency, Claudia Ortiz, presented, before the PAQARY seminar attendees, the different aspects that frame the mission of the ADR and, especially, the management in the productive line, the which are aligned with the policies of the National Government.

"From the ADR we generate capacities to improve the management of rural development, making our orange economy entrepreneurs improve their quality of life, through competitive activities and sustainable projects," said Ortiz.

The official announced that, from the Agency, will be supported with the infrastructure and machinery for the transformation of the product with the collection center, the industrial machinery for transformation, the promotion of associative and associative trade agreements, allowing price stability in the market.

Likewise, the ADR has been working on the "Sacha Inchi" project since 2018 and, currently, articulates efforts in studies for the development of a productive project in seven municipalities of Putumayo with the Korean Cooperation Agency (Koika) and the Office of the United Nations against Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which will benefit a thousand families.

Likewise, during the event, the President answered questions from the public and delivered a recognition and stock titles of the Inclusive Agroindustrial Business Ecosystem in Red SumaSacha to the entrepreneurial leader of BioAzul, Renzo Amaya.

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