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  • Kate Bahnsen

Meeting with John Naisbitt and Juan David Perez

On Friday, February 15, 2019, Kate met with Juan David to discuss the current status of Cacique Mining (OTC:GEGI) and the possibility to add other mining projects that he has available and the funding needed. Colombia has many projects available at the moment that are supported by the new government of Ivan Duque and by the Secretaria de Minas de Antioquia The Secretariat of Mines advances processes related to the Titling, Inspection, Formalization, Regularization, promotion, development, improvement in safety and productivity and compliance with mining, labor, environmental regulations among others.

Complying with Law 80 of 1993 and Law 685 of 2001.

The government of Antioquia takes action against illegal mining The Secretary of Government of Antioquia, Victoria Eugenia Ramírez, said that the Government, the public force and civil authorities will continue to carry out operations to prevent illegal mining. The Government of Antioquia reported, through a communiqué, that in coordinated operations with the Troops of the National Navy, the Air Force, the Prosecutor's Office, and the National Police, six mining fronts intervened in the El Perrillo sector, located in the ecological reserve of the Páramo de Sonsón.

In the operations, the authorities destroyed elements used for the illegal exploitation of mining deposits, such as the beneficiation plant where mineral processing was carried out with eight crushing machines, three industrial engines, an industrial power plant, and a motor-driven pump, among others.

Secretary of Government of Antioquia, Secretary Victoria Eugenia Ramirez said that the authorities will continue conducting registration operations in the area, to prevent the illegal exploitation of minerals and thus "preserve the resources of the region."

Likewise, Ramírez said that the departmental administration carries out characterization work that allows decisions to be made: "Having this information gives us the security as a departmental government to advance decisions in an assertive and effective way with respect to illegal mining," he emphasized. the official.

Illegal Mining will benefit from our Sacha Inchi project by providing other sources of income to the communities that in the past have only had mining as a source of income. Our goal will be to bring Sacha Inchi projects and clean legal mining project to these areas.

Kate also met with John Naisbitt and discuss with him the current status of both projects and the possibility of opening a teaching center for Sacha Inchi where farmers and tourists can learn about Sacha Inchi products and health benefit but see the crops and learn about the crops and participate in events with farmers all over Colombia.

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