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  • Kate Bahnsen

Sacha Inchi products on Alibaba compare to the quality of products of Inca Worldwide

China and Vietnam started growing Sacha Inchi seed for the last 5 years but they have failed to penetrate the market in the USA and Europe. Sacha Inchi seeds have a very dry taste if they are not roasted properly. Alibaba has many sites selling Sacha Inchi seed raw and the roasted Sacha Inchi seeds but there is no feedback on the taste. All the Sacha Inchi roasted seed on Amazon have very poor reviews on the taste. Peru has been banned from selling Sacha Inchi seeds to South Korea the biggest buyer of Sacha Inchi seeds in the world because the seeds were contaminated. On 2015-02-11, the FDA announced that Sunfood is conducting a recall on Organic Sacha Inchi Powder due to possible contamination with Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin. The recalled products were sold under the brand name(s) Sunfood during an unspecified time period throughout the regions shown in the map below. Inca Worldwide is the only company that is making Sacha Inchi Milk. Inca Worldwide is the only company that has discovered how to prevent that any of its products will have contamination with any bacteria. Inca Worldwide process gives our Sacha Inchi roasted seed a very nice nutty taste to our Sacha Inchi. Inca Worldwide follows all the same procedures with our Invima certification required by the FDA to avoid any contamination.

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