• Kate Bahnsen

Antioquia Siembra will finance Sacha Inchi farmers using our business model.

La governancion de Antioquia the second most important state in Colombia and the first state to implement a program to eradicate illegal crops with "Antioquia libre de coca" is working to establish our Sacha Inchi model with Antioquia Siembra. Antioquia Siembra the most advanced farming project in Colombia wants to help finance innovative projects that will help to develop the agro-industry in Colombia.

The project of Sacha Inchi from Inca Worldwide and GMS is the only project that meets all the requirements for Antioquia Siembra because: 1- GMS has several buyers for Sacha Inchi: Inca Worldwide has one distributions contract with Daymon and GMS is working to obtain two national distribution contract one with Grupo Nutresa and the other one with Ingredion Colombia SA. 2- GMS is bringing industry to farmlands. The centro de acopio o selling spots will allow farmers to sell Sacha Inchi close to their farm and to buy all the suppliers. 3- GMS is encouraging farmers to be part of an association. The association will manage el centro de acopio. The association will give the farmer support and help the farmers benefit from the profit of the association. 4- GMS is helping farmers to have a fair price for their crops. All crops will have certification that will help the farmer to obtain a fair price for his ore her crop.

5- Antioquia siembra will help finance crops substitution with Sacha Inchi. 6- Antioquia siembra will help finance the centros de acopio and the processing plants.

7- Secretaria de la Mujer a division from la governacion de Antioquia that helps to empower women is working with GMS to put two centros de acopio one in Ituango and one in Caceres. All run by associations of women. Antioquia Siembra is working with the following banks to obtain finance for farmers Banco Agrario and Bancolombia. We also expect to see other Banks joining Antioquia Siembra. ttps://

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