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  • Kate Bahnsen

Three reasons why Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) didn't had the sales projected for 2018

The reasons why Inca Worldwide (OTC:QEDN) didn't had the sales projected for 2018: 1- Lattucca has committed fraud and continue to commit fraud with his lawyer Brad Hughes, Lisa Purdon, and Cosmin Panai when they post negative posts to manipulate the stock. For example on October 17, 2017 Lattucca posted Bazooka 1963 Tuesday, 10/10/17 02:54:19 PM Re: Greed Kills post# 54207 Post # 54208 of 54262 I have been on the sidelines for years watching and reading. It's time I come out for a brief visit to set the records straight. My name is Mike Lattuca, judgment creditor against QEDN, GEGI and Raymond F. Purdon. For the record I do not know Kate, never met her and frankly happy as hell I haven't. To me, it seems as though she and Ray Purdon are one and the same as they share the same addresses even though she claims Columbia. They treat their children the same in that Kate too lies to the court about her children and their needing of her. They both don't pay their bills legitimately but both use corporate funds as a cash dispenser. I can say with 100% certainty that Ray Purdon is a fraud. He has been found guilty of committing fraud on me, hence my punitive damages award. My wife and I (Who I don't beat LMAO) have a great relationship with Lisa Purdon, the mother of Purdon's 3 incredible children, Teddy, Abbey and Sarah. Our goal is to help make lemonade from something so incredibly awful as a father who turns his back on his kids while knowing their mother has never been the breadwinner but now must as their father is a deadbeat dad. We feel for her and the children and know someday they too will know who their father is. I have never been arrested in my entire life. Although several would like you to believe I have, so as to cloud the judgments I have against them and their sleazy fraudulent companies. I have served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. Twice honorably discharged having returned to active duty for Operation Desert Storm. What were you dirt bags doing when I was serving honorably, learning how to defraud as many as possible? Here's the game changer for all of you here at GEGI and at QEDN. I have authorized my Attorneys to put the nuclear plan into motion. What does this mean? I never did this for the money. I did this to shut you down from hurting good innocent people so here we go... I am forcing both sleazy companies into involuntary bankruptcy. I have 3 creditors minimum per each judgment debtor as required and this will cease all trading, all debit card expenses, travel to Iceland or whatever else is occurring. So, let's see the volume jump through the roof today for both as this just may be your last day of trading. To those sitting on a bunch of stock... oufffff good luck LMAO... Sergeant, Michael Lattuca, USMC in your _SS!

Company 10/10/2017 Loss QEDN 33,300,000 $ (229,770) GEGI 8,400,000 $ (7,560) Damage to companies for Stock manipulation in one day was $ (237,330) twice the loss cause that day to the companies per security fraud statue and up to 5 years in prison Total loss ($474,660) in just one day.

This is just one of the many times Lattucca alias Greed Kills and Lisa Purdon alias tomandrayturdman have benefited from the stock by short-selling the stock while honest people that buy the stock lose because they panic when they see this type of post.

Greed Kills and tomandrayturdman make money every time someone sales the shares because they believe what Greed Kills and tomandrayturdman post. Greed Kills and tomandrayturdman only post on QEDN and GEGI because they have stocks and they are short selling the stocks. If they were like any other honest shareholder they will post on other boards not just QEDN and GEGI for the last 2 years,

2- We did four different bids for USAID but the funds were stopped by Trump two years ago. These funds were needed to do crop replacement. Without enough Sacha Inchi farmers doing crop replacement and growing Sacha Inchi we could not sell Sacha Inchi snacks. Our projections were base on doing crop substitution in 2016 and 2017. The amount of land that had coca leaves in 2016 was 141,000 hectares but in 2017 was 209,000 hectares. So instead of growing Sacha Inchi farmers grew Coca Leaves

3- The government of Santos didn't fulfill its commitment to provide the money do crop substitution, therefore, farmers didn't grow enough Sacha Inchi for us to transform and sell. s-de-uso-ilicito-en-veremos

In 2016 and 2017 Colombia had less than 500 hectares of Sacha Inchi instead of the 50,000 we hope to have planted in Sacha Inchi.

Conclusion: Only when shareholders realize that every time Lattucca and Lisa Purdon post something on Ihub they short sale the stock and they make money, not the shareholders. They only care about making money for themselves and taking advantage of shareholders.

This practice is illegal and it has been reported to the FBI, the district attorney in Florida and the district attorney in New Jersey Please file a complaint at C

We will make sure they will get prosecuted because we have a very strong case against them. Stock manipulation is a felony that carries up to 5 years in prison. We estimate the damage cause to the comanies and the shareholders by Lattucca and Lisa Purdon post if over $20,000,000 USD

Our companies will continue with our project and we will succeed we are helping people in Colombia, President Ivan Duque does believe in Sacha Inchi and his government is working hard to support companies like ours to grow Sacha Inchi.

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