• Kate Bahnsen

FEVCOL and GMS worked together to implement our Sacha Inchi program for Victims of the conflict

GMS has been working with FEVCOL (Federacion de victimas de las Farc) since February 2018 to implement our Sacha Inchi project for Victims of the conflict. FEVCOL has more than 196,000 victims, most of them are farmers that had to leave their land because of the violence. President Ivan Duque signed 10 commitment with FEVCOL before becoming president and he is fulfilling these commitments to FEVCOL.

On November 16 and 17 of 2018, Kate Bahnsen participated in the national event of FEVCOL and presented the project to more than 60 representatives of associations of victims in Neiva.

GMS is working with FEVCOL to present a complete project to the government to implement our Sacha Inchi project as a national project for victims. This will expand our project not only for crops substitution but for victims. Many of these victims have received their land back and are looking for crops that will bring them a reasonable income. Sacha Inchi is the best choice.

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