• Kate Bahnsen

Creation of the Association of Colsacha

Dear Shareholders, followers, and consumers: The creating of the association of Colsacha is official. We have created the association of Colsacha. This association will represent all the companies that grow, transform, sell in Colombia and export outside of Colombia Sacha Inchi and its products. GMS is part of the board of directors of the 13 companies that make part of this association. Currently, GMS has over 2,200 hectares under contract to grow and sell us Sacha Inchi. We have 200 hectares in production at the moment. By being part of this association we have access to more farmers. As of April 2018, the Agriculture Ministry had register 987 Hectares of Sacha Inchi under production and an increase of 388% from 2017. We are working on the new statistics with the government to find out how many hectares of Sacha Inchi are in production in Colombia at the moment. We should have these numbers by mid-February when we have our meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture. The ministry of agriculture is creating the value chain of Sacha Inchi where we have farmers, associations, transformers, and buyers all working together. A similar model of the Coffee Federation that has been very successful. GMS is representing the following states (Departments) Antioquia, Choco, Cauca, and Guaviare. The complete report is posted on our website in Spanish. 2019 will be posted and translated as soon as it is available.

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