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Inca Worldwide and GMS moves forward with Nutresa January 29, 2019

Dear Shareholders, Followers, and Consumers: Our management team will meet on January 29, 2019, with Fundacion Nutresa and its management team. Fundacion Nutresa has reviewed the project and wants to incorporate our snacks, protein, and milk to their products. We expect to have a clear plan after this meeting on how we can work with Nutresa.

About Nutresa Grupo Nutresa was born at the beginning of the XX Century in the midst of Colombia’s industrial development. In this historical period, exactly in 1920, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates Cruz Roja, later becoming Compañía Nacional de Chocolates S. A. (CNCH), was born. At the beginning of the XXI Century, the company began a business transformation process that led it to become a parent company under the name of Inversiones Nacional de Chocolates S. A., later becoming Grupo Nacional de Chocolates S. A. and then Grupo Nutresa S. A., a name that includes all the food categories of the Group and strengthens the bond of all its brands with health, nutrition and wellness. Since then, Grupo Nutresa has accelerated its expansion process by acquiring companies with significant tradition and recognition in the strategic region, whose own history is reflected in the following timeline.

Thank you for all your support Kate Bahnsen CEO of Inca Worldwide Representante Legal GMS (Green Mine Solutions)

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