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  • Kate Bahnsen

Results of yesterday meeting with Colombian Government

Yesterday we met with Rafael Gonzales national director of Organizaciones Solidarias, a division of the Colombian. This institution creates organize projects for the Colombian government their mission is; "Promote, strengthen and develop social-business that are organizations to generate development in different regions of the country." We have been working with them since December 2018. We are finishing a project for 2,000 hectares that will be financed by the private sector.

We meet with Dr.Antonio Quinones who is the director of social projects for the alto comisionado para la Paz Miguel Ceballos Arevalo. Dr. Antonio Quinones express to us several times that president Ivan Duque and el alto comisionado para la Paz are aware of our project and we have asked for a meeting with them. Our goal is to make our Sacha Inchi project the national project in Colombia. We are finalizing the final project to submit to the government no later than Friday. We will submit our project not only for crop substitution but for victims. The meeting was inside the Departamento Administrativo de la Presidencia de la República. Through the window you can see el Palacio de Narino

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