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Lattucca committed fraud again by posting on Ihub he can force QEDN and GEGI to go into involuntary

The CEO send the following email to the lawyer of Lattucca. His lawyer never answer this email. Lattucca can't force QEDN or GEGI into involuntary Bankruptcy. All what Lattucca, Lisa Purdon and Brag Hughes post are not true and is just another way to manipulate the price of the shares.

From: <> Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 6:00 PM To: 'Brad Hughes' <>; Cc: 'Jessica M. Campbell' <> Subject: RE: SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT - Case No. CA10-1547 (2239.001) Michael Lattuca v. Genesis Electronics, et al.


You can’t petition for involuntary bankruptcy in a Florida lower court because neither company are domicile in Florida. You are in a civil small court not a federal bankruptcy. Also this is not in good faith this is a way to cause damage and commit fraud by you, Cosmin, Lattucca and Lisa Purdon.

This I will add immediate to our fraud case.

This shows your willful intent to cause harm to both companies.

This is why I have a case against you, Lattucca, Cosmin and Lisa Purdon because of what Lattucca posted on Ihub saying you were forcing us to go bankrupt and what he and Lisa Purdon continue posting on Ihub.

I am assuming Lattucca is going to post the same on IHUb.

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