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Results of meetings in Bogota on Friday January 18 and meetings on Tuesday January 22, 2019

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, January 19, 2019, we meet with Renovacion del Territorio. The entity that will take over the PNIS (PROGRAMA NACIONAL INTEGRAL DE SUSTITUCIÓN DE CULTIVOS DE USO ILÍCITO). We have been working with PNIS to make our Sacha Inchi project the flag program for crop substitution in Colombia since 2017. This program was under review by the new government and we have now a clear idea of how this program will work. To find out more please visit our website

We also meet with the representative of the Prosecutor for Peace in Bogota who is reviewing the cases and should make a determination before the end of the month. We have been referring to the District Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, Newark, New Jersey, and New York to start an investigation not only by the FBI but also by the District Attorney against Lattucca, Lisa Purdon, Brad Hughes and Cosmin Panai for Stock manipulation. The posting regarding any type of sanctions are from a small court in Florida and is again another stock manipulation tactic and will not affect the companies. The companies are not registered in Florida or do business in Florida. This is a highly organized fraud case manage by these individuals that are now in the hands of the proper authorities.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22, 2019, we will meet with Rafael Gonzales director of Organizaciones Solidarias to lay out how we will work with the government and to finalized the main document that will be presented to the government.

We are also meeting with the president of el Banco Agrario Francisco José Mejía Sendoya to finalize the loans to farmers of Sacha Inchi.

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