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  • Kate Bahnsen

Upcoming meeting in Bogota January 18, 2019

Tomorrow is a very important day for our project because we have several meeting in Bogota.

We are meeting with Andres Rujeles Presidente de Transparencia. This is the division of the Colombian government that fights against corruption.

Then we are meeting with Rafael Gonzales director of the organizaciones solidarias

We have been working with this division of the government to make our project the top national project in Colombia. The goal is to make Sacha Inchi the national product like Colombian coffee was 30 years ago.

We are also meeting with representative of PNIS Programa Nacional Integral de Sustitución de Cultivos de Uso Ilícito – PNIS, Renovacion del territorio and Reintagracion. We have been working with this program since last year to implement Sacha Inchi as the top option for crop substitution. We will discuss the possibility of a contract with the government. The cacao federation and the coffee federation have already agreements with the Colombian government.

At the same meeting we will have representative of el alto comisionado para la paz.

Finally we will meet with revista Semana to finish an interview about our project.

Yesterday we had a great introductory meeting with Nutresa and we have schedule a second meeting with the production division to see how our product can be use to improve their current products.

We appreciate all the support and the due diligence from all our shareholders, consumers and followers.

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide (QEDN)

Representante Legal GMS

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