• Kate Bahnsen

Gobernacion de Antioquia starts working with GMS to build two Sacha Inchi centers (Centro de Acopio)

Antioquia the second most important state in Colombia is working with GMS to purchase and build two Sacha Inchi centers (Centro de Acopio) for the cities of Caceres and Ituango. These two cities are part of the 9 priority area in Antioquia. Antioquia government has started the project Antioquia libre de Coca (Antioquia without Coca). This project is back up by USAID and the USA embassy in Bogota. The Sacha Inchi centers will be run by an association of women in both cities. In the Sacha Inchi centers farmers can buy Sacha Inchi seeds, all materias needed to grow Sacha Inchi and also sell the Sacha Inchi stars and the Sacha Inchi leaves. The Sacha Inchi centers will test, collect and do the initial process of separating the Sacha Inchi star. GMS will purchase the left over of the star for tea and bring to Sacha Inchi seed to the processing center where they will be process into snacks, powder, milk or pet food. GMS want to have at least 5 to 10 Sacha Inchi centers in all the states that grow Sacha Inchi in Colombia.

Embajador Kevin Whitaker at the launch of #AntioquiaLibreDeCoca

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