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  • Kate Bahnsen

The reason the Sacha Inchi project is so important for the CEO of Inca Worldwide

Dear Shareholders, Consumers and Followers:

I appreciate the due diligence of all Shareholders to make sure the CEO behaves ethically and is the best CEO for this company and a CFO of its sister company Cacique Mining (GEGI).

I will like to explain to everybody why I am doing this project and our mining project in Cacique Mining and why it is so important for me.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and my family and I left in 1989 during the most violent time of the Pablo Escobar war. We had a bomb explode three blocks from our house shattering the windows of all buildings we were just lucky to miss the blast by a couple of meters. In the same building that we lived in a cocaine lab exploded and two people died from the explosion. So, I saw firsthand how a drug war can destroy a beautiful country and its people. I have never taken any illegal drugs and I believe most people don’t realize how much damage a drug war can cause. Colombia is the second country with the most number of displaced victims in the world with over 7.7 million people that had to leave their land and over 260,000 people that have died in the last 50 years, all of this was caused by a drug war that seemed to last a hundred lifetimes.

I came to the United States to save my brother from being drafted to fight and most likely, die in this war. And after several years I got married and had two girls. My ex-husband knew I was really against drugs, but unfortunately, he didn’t share my views on drugs, so he started doing drugs after my second daughter was born. I didn’t realize it for several years but after I did, I gave him a chance to change but he took that opportunity that I gave him and mistook it for me being weak. After I found out about his continued drug use, I filed for divorce and custody of my children. He didn’t contest the divorce thinking that I was not serious about it and six weeks later, we were divorced. And then, the Gates of Hell seemed to unleash. He never paid any child support and he threaten me many times. I wasn’t scared of what he would do to me, but I was terrified for my children. My oldest was only 10, while my youngest was barely turning 5. So, we started to go to court for the TPO ( Temporary Protective Order) and I asked the judge many times to order mandatory drug counseling. I wanted him to go to counseling so that my daughters didn’t have to see him choose drugs and alcohol over their wellbeing. But sadly, I just didn’t know that family judges don’t want to deal with these problems and the more you push for certain things, the more the judge dislikes you. This was during the recession of 2008, I was not able to find a job in Nevada. I then applied to become a Fraud Examiner, for the Federal Deposit Insurance company (FDIC) that was reviewing all the bank loans. I was on the waiting list for the office in Florida, so, I asked the court for permission to move to Florida, but Judge Hardy told me that unless I had a firm offer for the job, I was not able to go. At that point my ex-husband was not paying, Judge Hardy was not forcing him to pay child support, my ex-husband was becoming more unstable by the day, I was about to lose the house, and wouldn’t have had a place to live, so I panicked and made a mistake. I changed the email from the FDIC that stated that I was no longer on the waiting list, to say that I was accepted. Judge Hardy found out about what I did and to punish me, he took my children away and gave them to my ex-husband. I could not see them for 30 days, and the following 60 days I was only able to see them twice with supervision. This was a very harsh punishment for a mother that was trying to put food on their children tables and a roof over their heads. It was extremely hard for both me and my children, I still don’t fully know what they experienced while they were with him. I cried every night but then I realized I had to do something. I am not religious, but I believe that there is a being up there that can be called God, Ala or many different names. But I believe that there is a force that sees over all of us and judges us every day. So, I promised that if I got my girls back, I was going to do something exceptional, something that was going to be a legacy to everybody. So, after we got back to court, and Judge Hardy got the report from the doctor and the phycologist, he almost fainted. His face was so white, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. My 5-year-old daughter had lost 5 pounds in 60 days, because they only had cereal to eat at their father’s home, a trailer. My 10-year-old didn’t want to ever see her father again and Judge Hardy had to declare my ex-husband an unfit father. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that he used my mistake to both punish me and to try and use my daughters as experiments to try and make my ex-husband something he could never be, a good father.

So, almost 11 years later, I am a stronger person and my children Sarah and Michelle are extraordinary women.

I have made a promise to make something extraordinary and I am doing it, with the help of many extraordinary people including my two daughters. We have taken a seed that nobody knew about 6 years ago, we have developed Sacha Snacks, Sacha Milk, Sacha Powder, Sacha Tea and Sacha Pet food. We have the permits to export out of Colombia and import in the USA and other counties. We are finalizing distribution contracts and we have convinced several thousands of farmers to grow Sacha Inchi. The last part was to have the support of the government. Our goal is not only to grow Sacha Inchi but to transform the economy in Colombia. We want Colombia to be the leader in Sacha Inchi and have the best Sacha Inchi in the world. Colombia has done it with Coffee and we will do it with Sacha Inchi. We want everybody in the world to consume Sacha Inchi so we can plant more than 5 million hectares of Sacha Inchi in the next 10 years.

Thank you for your support and thank you for allowing me to share my side of the events that happened in 2008.

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide (QED-Connect)

CFO of Cacique Mining (GEGI- Genesis Electronics)

Representante legal GMS Green Mine Solutions

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