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  • Kate Bahnsen

Commitment to Inca Worldwide (QEDN - Connect) by the CEO

Dear Shareholders, Followers and Consumers

I started the Sacha Inchi project in 2013 with my own money. I have never taken a salary. I believe so much in the project that in September 13, 2015 after we merger with QEDN I put my own property as a colateral to try to raise funds for the project and avoid any dilution for the shareholders. But since this was a car lot and was consider bear land we were not able to find a lender.

This property was purchase in 1998 with my ex-husband. I give it back to my ex-husband in 1996 as part of the divorce settlement agreement. He was supposed to pay child support and he never did. So in 2015 I recover the property and put a lien in favor of QED-Connect to raise funds. Later we sold the property as part of a bankruptcy because my ex husband was behind on the first lien and the first lender was trying to foreclose on the property.

I have put all my money into this project and I have travel to many very dangerous places in Colombia with my two daughters because I believe we can make a difference in the world and Sacha Inchi is the real Super-food and in less than 5 years everybody will want to eat Sacha Inchi. This project will be my legacy and the legacy of all the people that has been involved. From the farmers, to the consumers and our shareholders that believe in our project and every day want to see our shares gain value.

To our non-believers every post makes us stronger and help us to show the true and how this project will make a difference in all of us

Thank you again

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide (QED-Connect)

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