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Federal Investigation for stock manipulation by Michael Lattuca, Lisa Purdon and Brad Hughes all pro

Inca Worldwide has started a federal investigation with the FBI into Micheal Lattucca alias Greed Kills also Bazooka 1963 and Lisa Purdon alias Tomandryamondturdman

Mr. Brad Hughes and his firm JIMERSON & COBB, P.A., Michael Lattucca, Lisa Purdon, Cosmin Panait from GPL and Parras Desei committed fraud by manipulating the stocks of QEDN QEDN-Connect and GEGI Genesis Electronics. Brad Hughes, Michale Lattucca with the alias Greed Kills and Bazooka 1963 and Lisa Purdon with the allias Tomandryamondturdman worked together with Cosmin Panait to lower the value of the stocks. Every time the shares were below par value o 0.0001 Cosmin Panait was able to convert shares without any approval from the company. Brad Hughes and Cosmin Panait work together to get bank account from the company and Lisa Purdon and Michale Lattucca work on posting damaging information on the company and the CEO.

For example on October 10, 2017 Mr. Lattucca posted on Ihub

Bazooka 1963 Tuesday, 10/10/17 02:54:19 PM Re: Greed Kills post# 54207 Post # 54208 of 54262 I have been on the sidelines for years watching and reading. It's time I come out for a brief visit to set the records straight. My name is Mike Lattuca, judgment creditor against QEDN, GEGI and Raymond F. Purdon. For the record I do not know Kate, never met her and frankly happy as hell I haven't. To me, it seems as though she and Ray Purdon are one and the same as they share the same addresses even though she claims Columbia. They treat their children the same in that Kate too lies to the court about her children and their needing of her. They both don't pay their bills legitimately but both use corporate funds as a cash dispenser. I can say with 100% certainty that Ray Purdon is a fraud. He has been found guilty of committing fraud on me, hence my punitive damages award. My wife and I (Who I don't beat LMAO) have a great relationship with Lisa Purdon, the mother of Purdon's 3 incredible children, Teddy, Abbey and Sarah. Our goal is to help make lemonade from something so incredibly awful as a father who turns his back on his kids while knowing their mother has never been the breadwinner but now must as their father is a deadbeat dad. We feel for her and the children and know someday they too will know who their father is. I have never been arrested in my entire life. Although several would like you to believe I have, so as to cloud the judgments I have against them and their sleazy fraudulent companies. I have served proudly in the United States Marine Corps. Twice honorably discharged having returned to active duty for Operation Desert Storm. What were you dirt bags doing when I was serving honorably, learning how to defraud as many as possible? Here's the game changer for all of you here at GEGI and at QEDN. I have authorized my Attorneys to put the nuclear plan into motion. What does this mean? I never did this for the money. I did this to shut you down from hurting good innocent people so here we go... I am forcing both sleazy companies into involuntary bankruptcy. I have 3 creditors minimum per each judgment debtor as required and this will cease all trading, all debit card expenses, travel to Iceland or whatever else is occurring. So, let's see the volume jump through the roof today for both as this just may be your last day of trading. To those sitting on a bunch of stock... oufffff good luck LMAO... Sergeant, Michael Lattuca, USMC in your _SS!

The company had not filed any paperwork or had any intention to filed bankruptcy. This is fraud and a felony with five years in prison and a fine the greater of $250,000 or twice the gain derived from the offense or twice the loss caused by the offense.

With the post on October 10, 2017 Mr. Michael Latucca admitted that he has been attacking the companies under two alias Bazooka 1963 and Greed Kills and that Lisa Purdon has been helping him. I am attaching the calculation of the damage cause by Michael Lattucca and Lisa Purdon to both companies with the post on October 10, 2017 and copy of the post by Michael Lattucca Company 10/10/2017 Loss QEDN 33,300,000 $ (229,770) GEGI 8,400,000 $ (7,560) Damage to companies for Stock manipulation in one day $ (237,330) Twice the loss cause that day to the companies per security fraud statue and up to 5 years in prison $ (474,660) and allowing this allowed Cosmin Panait to convert stocks below par value. The damage as been calculated at 10/10/2017 $474,660 GPL shares that benefit from low price $5,096,200 Low par value conversion $1,078,936 Total damage $6,649,798 Double the damages $13,299,593

The CEO of QEDN and CFO of GEGI had never had any warrant issued for her arrest. She was never served any documents from any court in Florida this was just a tactic to manipulate the shares.

Al shareholders that lost money because of Lattucca and Lisa Purdon posting need to file this form

All proceeds recover by the FBI will be given to the shareholders.that file this form.

Please mention the case of QEDN and GEGI and include the Information About The Subject(s) Who Victimized You

Name: Lisa Purdon Business Name: Coldwell Banker Address: 17 W River Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760 Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: City: Rumson Country: United States of America State: New Jersey Zip Code/Route: 07760 Phone Number: 7329622687 Email Address:

Name: Brad Hughes Business Name: JIMERSON & COBB, P.A Address: Wells Fargo Center One Independent Drive, Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: 1400 City: Jacksonville, FL 32202 Country: United States of America State: [None] Zip Code/Route: 32202 Phone Number: 9043890050 Email Address: Website:

Name: Michael Lattucca Business Name: Address: ells Fargo Center One Independent Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: 1400 City: Jacksonville, FL 32202 Country: United States of America State: Florida Zip Code/Route: 32202 Phone Number: 9043890050 Email Address:

Name: Cosmin Panait Business Name: GPL Ventures Address: 450 7th Avenue, 6th Floor Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: City: New York Country: United States of America State: New York Zip Code/Route: 10123 Phone Number: 6466611907 Email Address: Website: IP Address: Name: Paras J. Desai Business Name: The Desai Law Firm llc. Address: 11481 Old Saint Augustine Road, Suite 104 Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: Suite 104 City: Jacksonville, Florida 32258 Country: United States of America State: Florida Zip Code/Route: 32258 Phone Number: 9043000072 Email Address:

The integrity of the company and the CEO is vital to the success if both companies. Please filed this form

Thank you

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide Inc

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