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  • Kate Bahnsen

Inca Worldwide, Cacique Mining and USaid Proposals

Inca Worldwide has submitted 4 different proposals to USAID.

1- Request for application RFA 514-15-0009 Reintegration and prevention for recruitment program ( we didn't win this request)

2- Request for proposal RFP 514-15-00001 Artisan Gold mining -Environmental Impact Reduction Program ( we came second on this request)

3- SOL 514-15-000003 Rural Financial Service ( we came second on this proposal)

4- Unsolicited proposal for Cacique Mining and Inca Worldwide. This proposal was accepted by USAID in Washington and forward to USAID Colombia. USAID Colombia suggested we work with Oro Legal and with Chemonics. All this is exactly what I put on the press release. We had a meeting with USAID agents in the embassy in Colombia on August 23, 2017. Mr. LAWRENCE SACKS - MISSION DIRECTOR, USAID/COLOMBIA arrived on August 2017 in Colombia and stop all new funding for any project.

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