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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year From Inca World Wide

Dear Shareholders, Consumers and Followers

2018 was a year full of challenges and achievements for our Sacha Inchi project and our companies. We obtained our Invima license that allows us to sell Sacha Inchi snacks and Sacha Inchi powder in and out of Colombia.

We developed our snacks, our powder, milk, tea and animal food.

Colombia has over 1,000 hectares of Sacha Inchi planted as of April 2018 reported by the Ministerio de Agricultura of Colombia.

The complete report will be posted on the Inca Woldwide Website

The number of hectares of illegal crops (coca leaves) in Colombia increased to almost 171,000 hectares from 54,000. This increase the number of farmers that will need to do crop substitution.

We have a new government in Colombia that is working very hard to put the crop substitution program back on track. The government of ex-president Santos over-promised and oversold the crop substitution program and left the country with a big deficit that the new government of Ivan Duque is trying to fix. This has delayed the crop substitution program, programs from USAID, United Nation and the loan program for our framers but we are working with the new government in several programs where we believe we have a good fit and a good chance of helping farmers. For example the new “agricultura por contrato” credit line program for farmers came out on December 7, 2018 and we expect to be able to see the loans approved in the first quarter of 2019.

We still have many challenges to overcome and one of them is how to bring our products into the market and how to educate our consumers on the benefits of Sacha Inchi and how to consume Sacha Inchi. We are working on this and should have more information soon.

I lost 33 pounds eating Sacha Inchi every day with a mix of fruits, vegetables, three meals a day, a small piece of chocolate and my personal trainer, Thea, my Belgium Malinois dog. She is the one who makes me take her out twice per day, walking or running. She’s also extremely good at destroying buckets as you can see next to her and of course, her precious bone which she gets every morning. And this adorable trouble maker loves Sacha Inchi so much that yesterday, she got the fresh samples from my desk and ate them.

We will start our “ Sacha Inchi and You: The New Lifestyle” program in January 2019 with recipes and ideas on how to eat Sacha Inchi. We believe that Sacha Inchi will change not only the lives of our farmers that are doing crop substitution, the economy in Colombia and our consumers and/or shareholders (human or canine) that want to have a healthy diet.

Eating Sacha Inchi every day not only helped me lose weight, but I sleep better, I deal with stress better, I think more clearly, and my mood has been greatly improved. Sacha Inchi helps to produce Serotonin, the happy hormone, so why try a diet like taking sugar (natural sugars such as fruit and unnatural sugars like candy) away that you will end up hating and give up, when you can have a new live style full of fruits, vegetables, any type of meat you want or dessert or drink? As long you eat your Sacha Inchi every day, have good, healthy meals and get your heart rate up with exercise for least 30 minutes per day then, you can eat almost anything you like.

I meet with John Nasibit yesterday and he is very happy with all the progress we have made, and we will release more information on the 2019 plan, as soon as possible. I am meeting with Juan David Perez Shile and with John Nasbit,this weekend to review our 2019 plan for Cacique Mining (GEGI).

For those jealous Grinches that are trying to get us to fail, we thank you because you have made us stronger and we invite you to try our products, maybe that’ll help your overall mood.

This project is not just for us, but for millions of people that have suffered for many years and want to have a crop that will bring food on their table and a roof over their heads. We work hard to give people a better life, we work hard to help others achieve their dreams.

We will make a difference in this world and we will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Happy Holidays and Thank You for Your Support.

Sarah, Michelle, Kate and Thea

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