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Inca Worldwide (QEDN) Road Map to work with the government of Colombia

Dear Shareholders , Followers and Consumers

We are providing a summary of the agencies created by the Government of Colombia to deal with the Post Conflict development in Colombia. We are working together with the ADR (agencia de desarollo rural). This agency has the funding to all the rural projects. The director of projects will visit us on Friday September 29, 2017 here in Turbo and we already meet with her in Medellin now she is personally coming to see our project. We believe this shows that our project has the top priority in Colombia.

Please also read the attach document on Colombia Strategic Opportunity

ADR (Agencia de Desarollo Rural) The main function of the ADR will be to support the execution of integral agricultural and rural development plans and projects, with a territorial or associative approach. To this end, it must ensure that technical assistance, financing for productive projects, construction of public goods (in particular infrastructure for irrigation and drainage) and marketing of products. The ADR also seeks to decentralize the functions of the State, and for that reason has created territorial regions, always seeking efficiency in decisions, improve the living conditions of rural people and support competitiveness.

ANT(Agencia nacionals de Tierra)

This Agency should be responsible for the titling of lands to farmers and peasant families. The policy that will guide this Agency understands land as a productive factor that has a social function and to which rural workers should have an equal access to improve their income and quality of life.

Without ignoring the great responsibility of this Agency in solving the most important agrarian problem - land tenure (which according to some experts motivated the war in the countryside) - the most difficult task will be to delimit and constitute the Peasant Reserve Zones ) and Business Development Zones, created in Law 160 of 1994. The ZRC are a figure of territorial order that seeks to give poor peasants land of the State that is not being used.

ART (Agencia de desarollo territorial ART)

This Agency is the instrument designed to deal with the development of so-called "post-conflict municipalities". It has the task of coordinating the intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture and territorial entities in rural areas affected by the conflict, which were prioritized by the national government in post-conflict. In line with the design proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, ART will implement programs and projects that allow the economic, social and institutional strengthening of post-conflict zones. One of its main tasks will be to replace illicit crops with sustainable production alternatives under the substitution policy. The ART is the agency most closely linked to the territorial peace strategy proposed by the national government and the Ministry of Post-Conflict.

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