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  • Kate Bahnsen

GEGI ready to go Pink Sheet Current and information on market value of both companies

Dear Shareholders of Genesis Electronics Group Inc., and Inca Worldwide Inc.

Genesis Electronics Group Inc., is happy to announce it has completed its financials, posted its legal opinions, and is poised to return to Pink Sheet Current. We have worked hard on the business side and the public side to provide shareholder value. The new management of both companies is excited about the coming months. We will make several announcements over the next few weeks about financing, revenue, and strategic partners. We have worked tirelessly to achieve our corporate goals. To that end we will not be “bullied”, as we continue to move forward. As most of you know we have been “harassed” and affected by a creditor. We have met with counsel about a class action lawsuit that we will be filing with respect to a creditor and ALL related parties. We estimate the delay and the real effect of market value is in excess of $10-$15 million dollars. If anyone would like to join, please send an email to and we will provide additional information.

Thank you for your support

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide (QEDN)

CFO of Genesis Electronics Group (GEGI) / Cacique Mining

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