• Kate Bahnsen

First official meeting inside the USA embassy with USAid to discuss both USAid proposals

Dear Shareholders, consumers and followers

Yesterday we had our first official meeting inside the USA embassy in Colombia with top USAid officials to discuss both Usaids’ proposals. We have submitted two USaid proposals to USAid located in Washington DC. Both proposals have been approved USAid in Washington and forward to the offices inside the embassy in Bogota Colombia. There both proposal have been reviewed and we had our first official meeting in Bogota inside the US Embassy yesterday to go over the proposals and discuss the next step. For our mining proposal combine with our Inca seed proposal USAid wants for us to work with Orolegal and for our Inca Seed proposal we will work directly with USAid and possible Chemonics

More updates will follow

Thank you for your support

Kate Bahnsen

CEO of Inca Worldwide

CFO of Cacique Mining

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