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  • Kate Bahnsen

President Trump and President Santos confirm crop substitution is a top priority for both countries

President Santos mention our program during the Press conference in Washington

Read the complete transcript at:

President Trump and President Santos of Colombia in Joint Press Conference

President Santos said at

"Now, we are doing a very big effort, because of the peace process, to have a new strategy -- carrot and stick. Stick, by forced eradication. We have already eradicated, this year only, 15,000 hectares, which is the whole volume that we eradicated last year. And we're starting to eradicate -- to substitute voluntarily, through a program where the peasants -- and we have 80,000 families already in the program -- that they are going to substitute for legal crops. And this is the first time that this could be done because of the peace. Before, the conflict did not allow us to build roads and to give these peasants an alternative. Now we have. So we have to take advantage of this opportunity and continue reducing the production of coca. "

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