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  • Michelle Bahnsen

A Mother's Love

Today’s Mother’s Day and everyone’s celebrating their mother’s love, and those without mothers or without mothers who deserve to be celebrated feel alone. And everyone says that a mother’s love is the most beautiful thing ever, and a mother’s love is amazing but you don’t need to have a mother or be a mother to feel a mother’s love. It’s there in the way they make sure you ate proper meals today and the way they make sure that you slept good last night. There are some parents that are both mom and dad. There are some people without a biological mother figure but their best friend’s mom has taken them in like their own. Sometimes even the best friend is like their mom. You don’t need to be traditional on Mother’s Day because if you have a mother figure in your life that you chose to have in your life then that’s your mom for today. And sometimes you don’t have anyone like that and you can love those who were mother figure to you in the past today. You have felt a mother’s love in one way or another but sometimes you don’t realize that you felt it or have given someone the love of a mother. A mother’s love is so strong that they can love you beyond measure and a mother’s love is known all over, so that’d how strong a mother’s love is. My point is that even if you don’t have a traditional mom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spend Mother’s Day with a mother figure in your life no matter their gender or if they’re related by blood. Because today is meant to give back to those who have given you unconditional love in the past. ❤

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