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CEO updates of last week work on Inca Worldwide (QEDN) and the government of Colombia and our projec

Dear Shareholders, Followers and Consumers

I just wanted to announce the disaster in Colombia has NOT affected us, and we have able to maintain "business as usual" during this crisis. However, as a Colombian, my heart goes out to all of the families.

I have promised everybody I want to keep everybody inform of all the progress of our project

Last week was very important for our project and here are the updates:

  1. Over the weekend, we had a big meeting with Farmers that want to participate in our project in the area of Meta. Photos have been posted on our website of the meeting.

Last week we meet with branch of the government of Colombia that provides restitution to more than 6.5 million victims Here is the webpage of restitution, will be submitting our project to them later this week.

  1. We also met with reintegration of FARC and Paramilitares fighters to the society Here is the webpage of reintegration, with this branch of the government we have submitted our project and we are waiting for approval to start with the group we have already train to grow Inca Seeds (Sacha Inchi) and to find out how much more we can expand our project.

  2. Ten days ago we submitted our first request with Fungestores for the Governacion de Cundinamarca. Cundinamarca is the principal state of Colombia were the capital of Bogota is located. We are expecting to get a respond from them this week. This will be a pilot project with the government and with this we should get the full support of the principal state of Cundinamarca. Here is the webpage of Cundinamarca, Thank you for your support

Kate Bahnsen

CEO Inca Worldwide (QEDN)

Semilla Inca de Colombia


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