• Michelle Bahnsen

My Valentine's Day Post!!!

So most of the time people use their time and money on their lover and those without a lover are most of the time sad. But as I said in my previous post, you always have something to love. And personally, I think that Valentine’s Day is a day about all types of love not just romantic love. And one of the most important loves is selflove, how can you love others before you love yourself. Most of the time the reason why people mess up in relationships is because they didn’t love themselves enough. And while it can be hard to love yourself with everyone hurling hateful words at you, it’s worth it in the end. Because unless you love yourself and put yourself first, you won’t be happy. I’m not saying that you can’t love others or put others first sometimes, it’s just that so many people give up so much of their love and time, and they lose themselves in someone else. And while the idea of loving so deeply and passionately that you forget where they end and you begin is great, you’ll only have each other. No one to love, no one to laugh with, to fight with besides them. And it might be just me, but that seems like such a lonely way to be with someone. And if you two split up, my god you’ll be so alone. You would have loved that person so much that you left everyone around you for them, and you would have lost yourself too. Over and over you’ll think “I don’t know who I am without them”. And a poem that I once heard said something like this “Everyone dreams of a fairytale romance, but no one teaches you how to heal after it’s over” And almost every time you hear a fairytale the heroine always gives up everything to be with her prince, they lose themselves in their love of him. While their lives may not be that good anyways like Cinderella’s life or Anna’s life, they still leave everything they’ve ever known to be with their prince. They lose themselves in their love and sometimes I wonder what would happen if there wasn’t a happily ever after. Would they be able to get through the heart break? Did they leave all they know because their life was truly bad or because they didn’t realize their own self-worth and instead just latched on to the first person that showed them love? You are probably thinking, well yeah but that’s fairytales and they’re supposed to be like that. But there are people out there who actually do this, lose themselves in their love and leave all that they know behind for someone. And I know that loving someone is amazing but shouldn’t you be able to get that same warm tingly feeling from loving yourself? And so many people rush into a relationship because they’re scared of being alone, but what’s so wrong with spending time alone to appreciate how you laugh and your warm hugs? Or to dress up and spend money for yourself? So today isn’t just about loving others or loving the past but also about loving yourself.

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