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  • Michelle Bahnsen

A Little Piece of My Thoughts on Valentine's Day:

It’s one day before Valentine’s Day and everyone is either preparing to spend it with their Valentine or dreading the 14th. Whether those who have Valentines have Romantic or Platonic Valentines, it’s still amazing to be surrounded by love and happiness. And for those dreading Valentine’s Day, is it because you don’t like that day or because you feel like you will be alone? Whatever your answer is, Valentine’s Day is about being with those you love, it isn’t about creating the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your Valentine. Sure, it’s nice to give someone else a present to show your love. Or receive a present created from someone else’s love. But without that person’s love, it’s just an object. Sure, that object may be beautiful or something that you always wanted. But the fact that they spent time getting that for you because they love you, makes it that much more special. It’s like when a little kid gives you fake food, they do it because they want to see you happy. Or when a beloved pet brings you a toy, they do it because they want you to be happy. Without love and happiness, the present is just an object, it won’t give you memories of when you got it. So instead of wanting someone with you on Valentine’s day or wanting a Valentine’s day gift, take that day to watch the happiness all around you. Whether it’s the couple that just got engaged or the couple that has a little one on the way. Or just to look at how far you’ve come from a little baby to who you are today like when you were a little toddler and all you wanted to do was love everyone. Even those you’ve loved and lost, they either helped you learn something or helped you to be with your Valentine. So maybe instead of dreading it, enjoy the day that’s all about love because there’s more than one type of love out there. There’s the love of a lover, the love of your family, the love of an animal, the love of the past and most importantly the love of yourself. So even if you don’t have a Valentine, you always have something to love.

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