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  • Kate Bahnsen

New Year, New Me except not really

This year is a new one, most people will want to reinvent themselves this year. Most people want to let go of their old selves and their regrets, get a fresh start. Which while it is known as human nature to want to escape from your mistakes, what are you really accomplishing by leaving them in the past? Isn’t it better to remember your mistakes and learn from them then make them again? Or better yet help others learn from your mistakes? We’re humans and humans make mistakes, sometime they’re small mistakes like texting the wrong number and other times it’s not telling someone you loved them when you had the chance. Either way you still learn from them, don’t you? You don’t text that number again and you know now to tell those you love, that you love them when you have the chance. Would you rather read a story about a person who kept burying their mistakes instead of learning from them and growing as a person, or reading a story about someone who accepts their regrets and mistakes because they’re human and becomes someone better because of them? I understand that you might like who you are and don’t want to change and that’s perfectly fine, but isn’t it better to accept those mistakes? Like a burning candle whose wax is almost all run out but that candle becomes a new candle, a different candle but it’s still made of the same wax, same colors and smells about it. But it’s different from before it might still have that stain from when you spilled some grape juice on it, but it’s still different yet the same. A beautiful blend of old and new mixed together to create something new, something that shows both the regrets and the new pieces of it, all mixed together. Like an artist who makes a mistake but makes that small mistake into a master piece. Do not forget your “regrets” and “mistakes” instead learn from them. They might seem like they will always be mistakes but they’re not always going to be your mistakes, soon they’ll be lessons. Like those times that you fell off your bike but got back up, but this time you know that you can’t lean too far to the left? When you had fallen off, you didn’t think you were going to get back up and ride again but you learn from your mistake and got back on. So, here’s to a new year where you learn from parts of your story that you call mistakes and you use those lessons to make you happier.

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