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  • Kate Bahnsen

Why is this project so important

Violence and drug traffic has mark the lives of more than 6.5 million of displace victims in Colombia. More then 450,000 people died in the last 52 years. The violence in Colombia started before I was born and has mark me since I was a little girl. Last Saturday the government of Colombia and the FARC signed the final agreement to start the reconstruction process in Colombia. Our project offers a new beginning to farmers that are doing voluntary substitution of illegal crops for Inca Seeds (Sacha Inchi). We have worked for over 4 years in this project supporting and bringing a change to a region mark with violence.

Colombia has 68,000 hectares of illegal crops planted and we want to convert at least 20,000 hectares to Inca Seeds (sacha Inchi). Colombia has only 16,000 hectares planted in Coffee.. We are the best choice to change the lives of farmers in Colombia and show the world we can stop drugs without violence and change the economy of a region.

Our farmers don't make a lot of money selling the illegal crops. The drug traffickers are who force them to grow illegal crops, treat them like slaves, or kill them or their families. The drug traffickers are who increase the price and bring the drugs to the streets and the school of the USA. Supporting this project will bring a message of support to our farmers showing them we all care about them.

Inca Seeds are a REAL SUPER-FOOD that can stop the violence in Colombia. Your support is vital to the farmers in Colombia and to stop those drugs coming to our local schools.

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