John Naibitt

Board of Directors

Thirty-plus years of project and construction management experience on international and domestic mining, petrochemical, energy and environmental compliance projects. I have managed projects from both the EPCM Engineer’s and Owner’s perspectives, 

Specialties: Permaculture Designer (Certified in 2009)
Sustainable Development


Kate Bahnsen

CEO, MBA Co-founder of Inca Seeds and Snacks

She introduced Inca Seeds (Sacha Inchi) to the USA, Japan, Europe and China. Developed different flavors and the process to produce the Inca Snacks Brand. She has worked with the farmers in Colombia to help them to grow Inca Seeds instead of illegal crops.


Carlos Andres Mora 

Chief Operation Officer

MBA General Manager of Semilla Inca de Colombia

Engineer with an MBA 

We works in our processing facility in Colombia and with farmers to grow Inca Seeds and to ship our products to the USA, Japan and the rest of the world.


Sarah Bahnsen

Executive Assistant Co-founder of Inca Seeds and Snacks


She created the Inca Pet Brand

designed with Omega 3 and protein for Pets. 

She wants to create the best products for animals because she cares and loves all animals.

Her life dream is to make a better world for all animals. 

Michelle Bahnsen
Sofia Bahnsen

Social Media Assistant Co-founder of Inca Seeds and Snacks

She keeps our Social Media alive with videos and information about our new products. And she likes to experiment with our seeds. She wants to make the world a better place.

Director of Social Project for Semilla Inca de Colombia

She works with farmers in Colombia to grow Inca Seeds and to buy Inca Seeds from farmers. 


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