January 10, 2020

Today January 10 2020 promotora social is presenting our final product to éxito. GRUPO EXITO just open a new division for healthy products and we are presenting our Semilla saludable snacks and semilla saludable powder. EXITO has 2,606 stores in South America www.grupo...

January 6, 2020


Don Leo the new software will help farmers to grow Sacha Inchi with best agriculture practice and to obtain the following certification like organic, non-gmo, Vegan, Gutten, fair trade and other certification 

December 8, 2019

The SCALE OF COMPANIES WITH HIGH POTENTIAL GROWTH IN COLOMBIA - MEGA UP, is an initiative that seeks for beneficiary companies to strengthen their capacities to consolidate local markets, develop international markets and mobilize new business opportunities with at lea...

July 23, 2019

Felipe Buitrago is the Chief Economic Advisor to President Duque and is the architect of the Orange Economy strategy for economic development in Colombia.

GMS and Inca Worldwide will present Sacha Inchi is the new Orange Economy of Colombia.

The so-called “orange bonds”...

July 22, 2019

GMS has been invited to meet with Mr. Saad Ishtiaq, Director of the international office in Panama of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Dubai, who will speak about the key business sectors such as food, beverages, finance and entrepreneurship in Dubai